Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres Owners Give Back


Billionaire duel sports team owners Terry and Kim Pegula give to Buffalo repeatedly to teach us all that charity really does start at home.

In February 2011, Terry and Kim Pegula swept into Buffalo, New York, to buy the Buffalo Sabres. At the time, this was a godsend. Terry was a huge Sabres fan, so much so that he would drive to get into range of the radio broadcast and listen to the games. The other potential buyers would not get the team and move it to a more profitable market.

As soon as this sale went through, Buffalo natives were wondering: will he also save the Buffalo Bills? Ralph Wilson, the original owner, was getting older, and it was only a matter of time before the team was sold. If the hockey team was in danger of leaving the market, the Football team was even in more danger. How many cities would want a professional football team?

In the end, the Pegula’s saved Buffalo fans once again by also purchasing the Buffalo Bills. Some things had to fall in place (like being approved for ownership of 2 different sports teams, which is usually frowned upon – however, since they were for the same market, it was eventually approved). This most certainly saved the Buffalo Bills from leaving town as multiple potential owners (Donald J. Trump) and owner groups (one which included Jon Bon Jovi), who would undoubtedly make more money by buying and moving the team.

Fortunately, that did not happen. The Pegula’s came into town, and over the course of 3 years, they bought both teams, and both are still here in Buffalo, New York.

How Else Do The Pegulas Give Back?

If you are not a sports fan or have never faced a team leaving your city or the potential of that loss, this might not seem like a huge deal to you. However, they did spend a little under $200 million for the Sabres and $1.4 billion for the Bills – and for many people – that is giving back enough.

Of course, this is not all they’ve done for the Buffalo Sporting and other communities. The Pegulas have donated a lot of money over the years, significantly to help cities they are connected to and their sports. For instance, besides buying the Sabres and the Bills, they also paid for the Pegula Ice Arena, a multipurpose arena for Penn State University.

Terry Pegula also bought the Rochester Americans (referred to as the Amerks) in 2011 – to reunite the AHL team with the Buffalo Sabres.

And yes, they also give to a variety of other charities and organizations, and have for years.

716 Day

The main area code of the Buffalo area is 716. After the Pegulas came to town in Buffalo, 716 days became a thing. Good things happen on 716 day (July 16th), including neighborhood celebrations, local stores creating sales for this event, and more.

In 2021, 716 day was about charity. A new charity initiative was created in 2021 to celebrate the community and how Buffalo is always ready to give. Currently, they are ranked #37 in the most generous US cities. However, they are ranked #1 for the largest share of residents who donate $25.00 or more to charity. 

Covid 19 Donation

When the pandemic first began, the Pegulas announced that they were donating 1.2 million dollars in aid for the coronavirus. This type of donation is vital during a pandemic, which hits everyone hard. This is even more true when talking about a working-class city such as Buffalo, New York.

For their generosity during good times and bad, Influencer Quarterly thanks the Pegulas.

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