Dave Spandorfer, Co-Founder of Janji Produces Sustainable Running Clothes While Giving Back


Learn more about a running clothing company that was inspired, in part, by a class the co-founder took on social entrepreneurship.

Dave Spandofer is the Co-founder of Janji (which means “promise” in Malay), a sustainable athletic line of clothing specifically for runners. Spandofer was a competitive runner in college, and running has always been important to him. Not a pastime, an exercise program, or even a sport; to Spandofer it’s a way of life.

Running is a healthy activity for anyone, but he has found a way to turn his love of running into a central focus in his life. Not only is it his center, but the vehicle he uses to create change in the world.

Why Did Dave Spandorfer Start This Company?

There are a few different reasons this company was started. The first one is a reason most people can relate to: passion. Dave Spandorfer clearly has a love of running, and he wanted to devote his life to sharing this passion with others. Along the way, he’s managed to create a successful company that makes sustainable and fashionable running clothing and accessories.

Spandofer also wants change. In an interview with voltagead, he stated:

“We started Janji in college about five years ago as a way to make the world a better place through running.”

Changing the world for the better was essential for creating this company. In the same interview, he went on to say:

“We do that by creating paths that allow runners to explore, to connect with each other and to change the world through running. All of our gear has a design inspired by somewhere in the world.”

So as you can see, this business was started for passion – the passion of running and helping society through his own business.

How Does Janji Contribute to the Betterment of Society?

As mentioned from the quote in the above section, Janji contributes by helping others find a way to change the world through running. This can include hiring artists worldwide to make designs for the clothing based on specific locations and cultures. By wearing and purchasing this athletic gear, people are financially contributing to the cultures and having the opportunity to learn about places far from where they live.

However, it is not only the artwork that is designed to help others. When their customers buy their products, five percent of all sales are donated to clean water projects in the country that the merchandise was designed in or for. By donating part of the profit and sales of all their products, this company is making the world a better place.

How Does Running Contribute to an Individual’s Personal Growth?

Since Spandorfer has such commitment to running, his customers may also want to use running as a platform to grow and change within their own lives.

This study, like several others, has drawn parallels to having a running schedule and improvements in not just physical health but mental health as well. If you are also looking for ways to use running for personal growth and fulfillment, follow Dave Spandorfer’s example and make running a habit in your own life.

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