Kendra Scott Built a Billion-Dollar Jewelry Company And Gives Back To Society


Learn more about Kendra Scott and all the things she has done for people: exactly the type of person and company to which we should offer our continued support.

Kendra Scott has the success story that the American Dream is all about. Almost 20 years ago, in 2002, she started her jewelry company. How did she do it? Was she independently wealthy? Did she rent office space and have a huge marketing budget? No. Kendra Scott started her jewelry company in her spare bedroom with $500.00.

She did all of this when she was pregnant and on maternity leave from her job. Today, her company is valued at over 1 billion dollars.

Although this is quite impressive in itself, I think what is more notable is her dedication to giving back to the public in any way that she can. If you are looking for companies to be proud of, keep reading to find out why Kendra Scott is a fantastic entrepreneur and businesswoman – one who gives back.

Donations To Coming Up Rosies

Coming Up Rosies is a non-profit organization that makes headscarves and superhero capes for kids who have lost hair due to illness. Kendra Scott donated 180 headscarves and/or superhero capes.

Corporate Giving

A portion of all the proceeds made from Kendra Scott jewelry is donated to causes that support women and children.

Community Giving

Kendra Scott and her company also actively give to local communities. They believe the giving begins at home, so they donate to their local communities.

Employee Giving

Not only does Kendra Scott and her company give to the community, so do her employees. It is not only money that the employees and the company give – they also provide their time and resources, which can be just as important as donating money.

Kendra Cares

Kendra Cares is a specific program that Scott created to give back. This is a creative art program designed to nationally help children in pediatric hospitals. It is for the patients and the caregivers, allowing them to step back from their everyday struggles and learn how to make jewelry. 

They will get to design their own customized jewelry and receive it at no cost. During the pandemic, it has been turned into a virtual program, ensuring that this program still runs while maintaining the level of safety these patients absolutely need.

The Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute

One of the most interesting ways that Kendra Scott has given back is through supporting education for women to work and succeed in business. The University of Texas at Austin has The Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute. 

Although Scott now runs a billion-dollar company, she understands the struggles of women in the workforce, especially those in the boardroom or trying to create a successful business. The business world is typically male-heavy, and women can struggle to be heard or succeed. Scott wants to do whatever she can to change that, which is why she and her company spent 1.5 million dollars to create this educational program at UT at Austin.

This organization is specifically created to support women in business or pursue business. They offer workshops, classes, and networking opportunities.

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